Window Seat Travel Itineraries takes all the hassle out of planning your vacation. Let's face it - the research that goes into planning a great trip can be a lot of work. Let us handle the heavy lifting as we customize a travel itinerary designed specifically for you. Spending just a few minutes completing your personalized travel profile will spare you hours of research!



We’re Mike & Jen and we really love to travel. And, we’ve been around the block a time or two: Mike has been in all 50 states, Jen has been in 49 (long story.) We’ve driven across the US twice and visited ten European countries. Jen’s been on two cruises and seen a good amount of the Caribbean. We spent a month in Tijuana one afternoon and have visited our favorite city, New Orleans 13 times. We even got married in Las Vegas by Elvis! We have toured farms in Vermont, saw the Cubs in Wrigley, sang Sweet Caroline in Old San Juan. Mike has been to 39 Major League Baseball stadiums and every year, he plans his International Bar Crawl in a new city…it’s a hot ticket! And, we continue to travel….

We also really love to plan travel! To be honest, Jen has a bit of travel anxiety (she’s the WORST flyer) and making a great travel itinerary is a fantastic way to get her calm and ready to go. We are “those people” who spend hours on TripAdvisor, Yelp and Expedia, researching, finding hidden gems and game planning our next adventure. We understand not everyone feels the same about trip planning, however.

We love planning so much, we now do it for friends and family. We have been humbled to have relatives say, “Just tell us what time to be at the airport. We trust everything else you plan for us.”

We’ve also heard (on more than one occasion!) “You guys should do this for a living!” So, we finally looked at each other and said, “Why not?” So, here we are. Learning what YOU love and planning accordingly, helping you have a great time, because we know what it means to really enjoy a getaway.