5 Tips To Get You Road Trip Ready

Have an upcoming road trip and want to be sure you’re prepared? Whether you love or hate a good old road trip, it pays to be ready before you hit the open road. Here are 5 tips to help you hit the highway with confidence!

  • Get the car serviced! When is the last time you had a tune up done on your car? Check your sticker on the inside of your windshield or your glove box records and make sure that your car is ready to roll. It’s always a good idea to get your oil checked and your tire pressure looked at close to the day you leave. It’s the WORST to get stuck on the side of the road on your way to your vacation.

  • Check the trunk. While we’re on the subject; is your spare tire ship shape? Is your jack and lug wrench actually in your trunk or are they still in your garage from the time when you thought it would be fun to try and jack up your house? You should also make it a point to have a flashlight, blankets, water and a first aid kit. Check out Triple A to get a full list of items you should keep in your vehicle at all times and not just for a road trip.

  • Get your entertainment ready. Need to put together a great playlist on Pandora? Not sure where your Summer of ’89 CD is? Get your essential tunes together before you hit the road. Don’t make your passengers shuffle through your old cassette case or dig through your backpack during the ride. Even worse is trying to figure this out as the driver. Not safe. If you are looking to try something new, check out hot new podcasts or even audio books for a change of pace, especially if your trip is a long one.

  • Ready for the kids.  Is your road trip kid ready? Obviously, make extra sure that any car or toddler seats are safe and secured and that you’re following all local laws and ordinances with regard to child safety seats if applicable. Get your DVDs ready if your kids like to watch movies on the road. Check out Techlicious for the latest gear for in-vehicle entertainment on road trips well before you go, so you can have the gadget ready and installed. And, remember, there’s always good, old fashioned “License Plate Bingo!”

  • Create a checklist. We’re big fans of checklists of any kind and sitting down and creating a checklist of all you need to do before your road trip is so valuable. Did you remember to pack extra Cheerios and juices for the kids? Diapers? Your beach chairs? What about getting gas? Having your checklist at your fingertips allows you to relax before you leave, have breakfast and get organized without running around anxiously. Avoiding stress and pressure anywhere you can should always be a goal!

Whatever your trip entails, be sure to have FUN and enjoy yourself. Make memories, take pictures and laugh a lot! If you’d like us to create a perfect and personalized itinerary just for your upcoming trip, visit us at www.windowseattravelplans.com and complete your own travel profile! We look forward to creating a fantastic trip just for you and yours.