No Meat? Tips for Traveling As a Non-Meat Eater

So many folks out there have some sort of dietary restriction, either by choice or by need. But, having a special diet does not mean you can’t travel the way you want to! Here are some tips to help you have a great trip while avoiding meat:

  • Know your destination: If you are traveling to a country that is very meat centered in their diets you will, of course, have a more difficult time finding vegetarian or fish-only options. If you are a fish eater, then picking a destination that is landlocked may not be the best choice for you. Consider countries like Thailand or Japan where seafood and vegetables are staples of the local diet. Also, countries like India where vegetarianism is practiced widely could be a great travel destination to think about.
  • Language does matter: If you are traveling in the United States, Canada or to any country that widely speaks English, you will be able to more easily articulate your dietary needs. Even in less English-speaking areas of Europe will understand your meal choices after a few words in their native language and maybe even some pointing at the menu! It will certainly be more difficult to convey your dietary wishes in countries that are not familiar with English or do not speak English commonly.
  • Research before you go: It will make your trip much easier and less stressful if you research restaurants and street food vendors before you go. Avoid wandering around Amsterdam trying to locate a vegan restaurant; you’ll waste your precious vacation time trying to find appropriate places to eat! Instead, do a search on vegan or vegetarian or seafood restaurants at your destination before you even leave your house. Make reservations if needed, especially if the restaurant you select is popular.
  • Pack your own treats: If you’re worried that you won’t easily find snacks or treats that fit your needs on the road, be sure to pack some for the trip. This way, if you are caught on a train or in an airport that does not have vegan snack available you are not stuck with nothing to eat. Packing essentials in your luggage before you leave home can prove far easier than trying to track down what you need while on the road.

Above all, don’t be discouraged! Traveling with restrictions to your diet is possible and can even lead to you making new friends. If you can, connect with other pescatarians, vegans or vegetarians at your destination before you go! Locals can be a fantastic source of information and can point you in the right direction if you find yourself needing a little guidance when you get to your destination. If you’d like us to create a dietary-specific travel itinerary especially for you, create your travel profile today!