Beer here! 5 Tips for Making the Most Out Of Your Brewery Visit

Beer travel is big!  Whether it’s a stop at your local brewery, a day trip, or a destination on vacation, craft breweries are great ways to spend an afternoon.  Try some unique beers, meet new people, and support a local small business.  Here are a couple things to check before you go to make sure you have the best brewery trip ever.

  • Figure out the best/safest way to get there.  Don’t drink and drive!  You want to enjoy yourself, but be responsible, so figure out how you’re going to get to/from without having to drive.  In New Jersey, many breweries are located near public transit; check to see if the brewery you want to visit is near a train station, light rail, or bus stop and consider this option.  It’s inexpensive and safe!  No public transit?  Look into how available ride-sharing services are in the area.  And if all else fails, find the number for a local taxi service.
  • Check out their tap list.  If you have no encumbrances with regards to your taste in beer, then you can skip this step.  But if IPAs aren’t your thing then you may want to check what’s currently on tap in case it’s IPA heavy.  Likewise, if you’re not a big craft beer drinker yet, but want to dip your toe, see if they have something on the lighter side or a gateway beer like a simple lager, pilsner, or weiss.  Make sure there’s something there for you so you’re not disappointed or overwhelmed.
  • Determine if you can eat there.  If you’re planning to pair a meal with your brewery visit, check and make sure they serve food.  If they do, you’re all set.  If they don’t, you need to consider your options.  In New Jersey, for example, breweries are not allowed to serve food, but most, if not all, are perfectly fine with you bringing food with you.  Check their website or social media to determine their policy.  Then figure out what might be nearby that you can bring with you - maybe even ask the brewery on their social media what they recommend.  And don’t worry - if you weren’t planning on eating, but get hungry while you’re there, most are ok with you getting  food delivered.  Some breweries have menus behind the counter and even have relationships with local restaurants that deliver.  And you can always GrubHub!  Also, check and see if the brewery is having any events or visits from a food truck while you’re there.  Breweries that don’t (or can’t) serve food work out agreements for food trucks to be nearby.
  • Breweries can be for the whole family.  Don’t leave your four-legged best friend home!  A lot of breweries are cool with and even encourage your pet accompanying you.  Some are also kid-friendly, too.  Check their website or social media to figure out if Fido and Junior can come with you.
  • Don’t forget about flights.  Flights are servings of several beers at once in smaller pours (usually four to six beers in roughly four to six ounce pours).  They’re great for inexperienced craft beer drinkers because they allow you to sample several different beers in order to figure out what you like.  But, they’re also great for craft beer groupies (like me!) who like to try all kinds and styles of beer and want to get a taste of everything a brewery has to offer.  

Above all, remember to drink what YOU like, not what others like or tell you to like! If you’d like us to create a perfect and personalized itinerary just for your upcoming trip, visit us at and complete your own travel profile!