How to Travel As A Couple and Not Kill Each Other

Traveling together reveals so much; both good and bad! We speak from experience: Mike and I road tripped across the USA and back twice and we learned the good, the bad and the ugly about each other along the way. And, we’re still together over 15 years later! Here are some ways you can travel with your significant other without ending up single after your journey.


Start Small: If you are a new couple or if you’re both new to traveling, don’t start your travel life together by embarking on a month-long backpack trip across Europe. What if you two aren’t a match and you discover this on day 5 of 30? What lies ahead is days of misery, arguments and disappointment. Better to learn you are not compatible on a quick weekend getaway where escape is but a few hours away.

Separate, But Equal: If your trip is a longer one, say, a week or more, be sure to schedule some alone time into your schedule. Even if it’s just an extra long bath or a solo cup of coffee at an outdoor cafe, having some space can avoid getting on each other’s nerves. And, nothing can ruin a vacation faster than harboring feelings of resentment or annoyance towards your partner. And, don’t be upset or insulted if your co-traveler needs some space; it’s a good thing. Take advantage of the time apart.

Don’t Be a Luggage Hog: It’s a weekend away in the Hamptons. You don’t need 17 pairs of shoes, 5 different hair products or your downhill skis. Be considerate of your partner and pack accordingly. This is especially important if your trip includes different modes of travel. Take it from us, you do not want to be lugging 4 heavy suitcases on and off trains in Europe. Your travel buddy has as much right to luggage real estate as you do. So, bite the bullet and take out your hot rollers from the duffel bag. You’ll look gorgeous without them and your partner will be happy. 

Learn to Laugh: On our first journey cross country, I watched Mike destroy a payphone in the Grand Canyon out of frustration. (Yes, it was that long ago when there were still payphones). In the moment it was really tense. 30 minutes (and a few tequilas) later, we were laughing at how absurd the whole scene became. You can’t hold grudges on vacation. You have to roll with issues much more liberally because you certainly don’t want to waste one precious minute of your trip on anger.

Always remember, you are traveling with this person for a reason. Take a breath, smile, laugh and enjoy your time together. Make memories that will last you a lifetime! If you’d like help planning your couple’s trip let us know. We’d love to help you plan your journey!

Jennifer DonnellyComment