Me Time! Make the Most of Traveling Alone

So you really want to go somewhere, but you can’t get anyone to go with you.  Screw ‘em, go anyway!  I have no problem traveling solo and have done so many times.  Here are a few things to keep in mind if you plan on doing the same.


Find ways to be cost-effective.  Since you’re not splitting hotel rooms, cab rides, airport transportation, car rental, parking, gas and tolls, traveling alone will be more expensive than traveling with others.  Don’t worry, there are ways to offset that cost increase.  First, look at ways to reduce your travel costs.  For example, make sure to choose a hotel as close to your activities as possible so you can walk and not spend money on taxis or Ubers.  Additionally, or alternatively, look at locating near public transit so if you can’t walk to your activities you still aren’t paying more expensive cab fare.  A lot of cities offer daily passes on their public transit systems, so look into those, too.  You might also want to choose a hotel that offers a free shuttle to take you to and from your activities.  Second, if you’re driving or renting a car, look for cheaper parking garages near your hotel.  While it’s so much more convenient to valet park at your hotel, you might save a few bucks by parking yourself a few blocks away.  

Be safe.  It’s always safer to travel in numbers, so taking safety precautions are important if you’re traveling alone.  While staying near your activities and walking is cost-effective, you also want to make sure your hotel is in a safe, well-lit area of the city.  Again, while walking and public transit are cost-effective, if you’re going to be out very late you’d be better-served to take a cab or Uber, especially if you’ve had a few.  Lastly, trust your instinct.  If your spidey-sense is tingling as you’re walking or when being encouraged by a new “friend” to go somewhere then play it safe.

Enjoy the alone time.  Alone time is good and healthy.  It’s nice to recharge in an unfamiliar place without your usual distractions and interactions.  While you might wish you had some travel buddies, take this time to yourself and do what you want without compromise.  Eat what you want, see what you want, watch what you want.  Think.  Tune out.  You’ll be back to your busy life soon, so enjoy this time to yourself.  That said...

...make new friends!  Alone time is great, but do you really want to go a few days without any human interaction?  If you  get couldn’t get any friends to go with you, then make some!  If you’re like me and not particularly forward or outgoing, a good way to meet and interact with people is to take fun group tours.  Food and beer/bar tours offer a communal environment that will allow you to engage with people, but find a tour that interests you and don’t be afraid to go it alone and meet people.  If tours aren’t your thing, then check local meetups and social/singles events.  

Bottom line: don’t let others hold you back from seeing what you want to see!  Traveling alone can be fun and rewarding, so don’t be afraid to do it and knock out everything you want to see in this world.  If you’d like us to create a perfect and personalized itinerary just for your upcoming solo trip, visit us at and complete your own travel profile!