The More the Merrier! How to Travel With a Group


Some of us prefer to travel solo or, at the most, with our significant other. But, traveling with a group of friends and family can be fun, exciting and really rewarding. Here are some tips and tricks on how to best travel with a group.


Choose wisely: No doubt you have friends or family members that have very different tastes when it comes to travel. For instance, maybe your best friend and his wife only want a sun-and-sand vacation and have no desire to see a city. If you’re planning a getaway to Chicago, they may not be the best fit for that particular destination. Perhaps your brother and his wife have no interest in long road trips and travel almost exclusively by air. They may not be ideal travel companions for an RV trip to see the Grand Canyon. Before you send out the invite, carefully consider the group’s likes and dislikes to avoid unhappy folks on vacation.

Don’t think you have to be glued together: Just because you all traveled together, it doesn’t mean that you have to remain glued at the hip for the entire getaway. Build in some time alone or some time with just your spouse. There is something to be said about too much togetherness, especially if you are on a long journey. You certainly don’t want tension or anyone getting on each other’s nerves. So, break away for a quiet coffee or even an afternoon nap and don’t be insulted if your companions want some time alone as well.

Work out money arrangements beforehand: How do your travel companions handle paying the dinner tab? How about shared taxis? Do they have a different budget? To avoid uncomfortable situations, talk this out before you go so that everyone is on the same page. Be sure to have some cash with you at all times so that you can contribute to an Uber ride or chip in for gas or road snacks. Do not assume that your travel companions have the same amount to spend on dinners and drinks and don’t force expensive meals or hotels on your group.

Listen: Your travel buddies have thoughts, feelings and emotions. Do not ignore them, even if you were the main trip planner. Maybe someone isn’t loving the river boat tour. Perhaps someone isn’t feeling well and not into Mexican for dinner. Don’t be a trip bully and remember that all vacations can be fluid. Unexpected issues can pop up for anyone, even you!

Relax, laugh, take lots photos and have fun. Traveling with pals is a fantastic way to bond and gives everyone shared experiences that you can reminisce about for years to come. If you need help planning your next group getaway, contact us! We look forward to helping you make memories!