5 Things We Learned on Our Latest Trip to NOLA

5 Things We Learned on Our Latest Trip to NOLA

It’s certainly no secret to those close to us that we love New Orleans. It is, without question, our favorite place in the world (so far!). Mike and I try to get to NOLA once a year, if possible and 2018 was no different. And, even though we’ve been to The Big Easy about a dozen times, we always learn something new about the city we call our “happy place.” Here’s some tidbits we acquired this latest trip:


Get out of the Quarter! Yes, everyone should stroll down Bourbon Street at least once in their lives. And, every trip to NOLA for us includes at least some time spent in the French Quarter. Honestly, there is no place like it in the world. From the architecture and galleries of Royal Street to iconic restaurants like Cafe Du Monde and Antoine’s the Quarter is worth some time on any journey to New Orleans. But, if you can, explore outside the Vieux Carre. This trip, we visited the Irish Channel, Bywater, the Warehouse District, the Marigny and Mid City. Every neighborhood in New Orleans has a different feel and personality. Explore a bit to see a different side of the city and get a different perspective on NOLA.

Eat with the locals: One of the best meals Mike and I had this trip was at Neyow’s Creole Cafe. Neyow’s is in Mid City and it is definitely a local spot for fantastic creole food. There was a long line of locals waiting for a table on a Tuesday night. A great sign that the restaurant is worth the wait..and it was! From the red beans and rice to the shrimp po’ boy, we were not disappointed. And, they were kind enough to bring us an order of their delectable grilled oysters, on the house! Lesson for everyone: avoid the chain restaurants and the tourist traps and eat where New Orleanians line up to eat!

Opening times are…”flexible”: So, as the saying goes, “The best laid plans…” and in NOLA, this holds true. We ran into a couple snags when a handful of places we planned to visit were not open, even when their websites said they should have been. A local gave us some friendly advice: don’t rely heavily on posted opening and closing times. Local business owners, like all NOLA locals, sometimes run on their own schedules and many are rarely in a rush. So, always make sure you build in backup places in the area in case the place you chose is under renovations or simply just shuttered.

The streetcars at rush hour are busy! If you’re from the Northeast and have had the occasion to ride the New York City subway at rush hour, you will be used to the NOLA street cars during their commute time. Many of them are standing room only and the commuters really pack in. If you are looking for a leisurely trolley ride through the city (which really is a great experience) then avoid the times that folks are traveling to or from work. Your experience will be much more enjoyable.

Uber and Lyft are everywhere: Whatever your feeling about Uber or Lyft over taxis, it is clear: these “driver for hire” companies are everywhere in The Big Easy. We noticed a lot fewer traditional taxis in the city and wherever you looked, you saw another car with the Uber or Lyft logo. The airport actually has particular areas designated for Lyft and Uber cars separate and apart from taxis and other traffic. So, if you have resisted using these companies in the past, you may face longer wait times due to fewer cabs in the city.

What will our next New Orleans trip reveal? What new secrets will we learn? You never know what NOLA will teach you, but we certainly cannot wait to find out...and share what we learn with you! If you’d like us to help plan your trip to New Orleans, contact us, today!!